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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 4:45:26 PM

How do you stack up? Yearly Player Stats are here!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

I had a little time to put some sortable player stats in the game.  They can be accessed by going to Ratings > Player Ratings. 

So check 'em out!


Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 9:45:09 AM

Breeder's Bowl - Good luck! + a note
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

It's been a great few weeks in the game, as some of our biggest races have been (and are scheduled to be) run.  Many of our divisional champions will be determined during October and November, and some great BTB articles usually pop up as well.  It should be a great few weeks!

I have a few things I need to add / fix in the game after our BTB festivities, and will need to take the game down for a few hours on Monday AM, November 3rd for several hours (I will be physically moving my servers into a new home-office space thanks to my oldest son moving away to college).  With the number of computers and wires (a modem, 2 routers and 5 computers), it's always "interesting."    If things take longer than anticipated, I'll post about it.

Things should settle down a bit at that time - we're recarpeting and moving several rooms this week - and I should be able to get some time to add a few new things to the game (and fix a few gremlins as well).   Until then, I'll probably be a bit hard to come by, so if you have an e-mail in my inbox I may not get to it right away.

Thanks again for playing, and good luck to all out BB runners (and everyone else as well)!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 10:53:18 AM

Still having viewer problems? Look here!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey Guys!
If you are having problems getting the new Unity player to work for one reason or another, please try the following things to resolve your problems.   They work in varying degrees for different people.  
If you get the “blind horses” : Log  into your account, go to 3D Viewer and choose outdated and click change.  The warning message just informs you that you are using a less accurate viewer.
If nothing is working :

1)    Close all browser windows and completely uninstall the Unity Web Player  you currently have.  You can do this by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features >  Double Click Unity Web player > Click Uninstall.  Reboot your machine. Then reinstall it at . Close all browsers again and try to run it.

2)    Try an alternate browser (particularly if you are using IE).  Also, if you must use IE, make sure you are using the most updated version of IE you can (on Windows 7, I have 11.0.11)

3)    Go up to your browser and change the domain name to and see if that helps

4)    Try this link : – This link has been unchanged since the second week of changing over to the new game. 

If none of those work, please go to this page and verify that unity works by going here :

Then choose all of the files on that list and delete them all (if there are any).  This is just your Unity Cache.  If unity is working, the program here should work.   Close your browser and reopen it.
After exhausting these options, please copy the following and fill it in to the best of your ability.

1 ) My Operating System (EX – Windows 7, Windows XP, etc) :
2 ) My Unity Version :
3 ) The browsers I tried but failed to get it to work on :
4 ) The error message it returned when it wouldn’t work :
5 ) I did try the link, and it did the following: :

Thanks guys, and sorry for the problems.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 9:07:36 PM

3D viewer zoom + old viewer toggle
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

Since I added this message quickly, I just wanted to remind everyone that a new version of the viewer allows you to zoom in.  See the previous update for more info.

I did, however, allow players to "fall back" to the old Unity viewer if it is not working for you.  Go to account and, at the bottom, you can select the "Best" or "Outdated" viewer as your 3D option.  The Outdated one is the viewer everyone was using up until I changed the new one.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 1:48:10 PM

Viewer 20140910a - Zoom in on this!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

A new version of the viewer is up!  Now, if you click on a horse, you will see some things pop up on the right hand side.  They will allow you to control your camera angles.  The top 6 buttons simply need to be moused over and will change your angles, heights, etc.  The bottom 3 are default views you can use (the ones that currently exist as of the last update).

There's a little dirt around the buttons for now, but we'll clean that up with an update (functionality rules)!

Also - for players that want to default back to the previous build (which has less functionality and renders results incorrectly sometimes), I am still working on allowing that.  It may be a few more days.



Monday, September 08, 2014 at 11:07:41 AM

3d Viewer Back In Action... :P
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

...I rebooted the server and... voila!  

Anyway, I am still having a PC that is showing the "liederhosen" horses (the ones with no eyes..),  but it has Display Adapters that date back to 2009.  What that means.. not sure, but the PCs that work tend to have newer ones.

Either way, I am going to try 2 things.  I am going to try and see if I can set the Unity compiler to compile a "less graphic intense" version, as well as allow for players to roll back to the old version.  One of those things should happen within a day or so.

Thanks again guys!


Monday, September 08, 2014 at 10:37:00 AM

3D Viewer Issues - Update
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

Well.. I don't know exactly what has happened.  A lot of people were able to view the races up until recently, and now a lot of people (myself included) seem to be having problems.  Moreover, the old version of the 3D viewer doesn't respond anymore when I tested it.

I'm not convinced the update has anything to do with this problem; I am leaning toward the feeling that the update was coincidental to this occurring.  I am attacking things in a different direction, and will start by looking at the server.

Anyway, I am on the case.  It may take a day, it may take several.  But it is my top priority to get the viewer operational again.  Until then, we do have our 2D viewer.. it's no barn-burner.. but it's something.  I'll keep you guys updated.

Thanks for your patience.


Sunday, September 07, 2014 at 9:38:27 AM

New Viewer Updated again - Quick Notes..
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!  I've been messing with the viewer again, and I'm getting some cool results.

Quick note : There is now a version on the main splash screen.  The most recent update is : 20140906a

I have added a couple of extra camera angles.  If you click extra times on the horse, you will get the side angle as well as the "down the stretch" angle.  One quirk is that when you click on a different horse the angle doesn't "stick" (it moves to one of the alternate angles).  I'll be working to correct that.

Finally : I have received a few e-mails that the new version is "washed out."  Some things aren't skinning correctly, etc.  If that is the case, can you do me a favor?

Send me a screen shot of the problem with the race ID to viewerproblems [at] smartacre [dot] com.  (@ = [at], . = [dot].. no spaces).  Also send me what type of vidio card you have on your machine if you know.  I am not having any problems on my laptop, but was able to duplicate the issue on an older PC... I think it may have to do with the newer version of Unity I am using to compile things.   I may have to allow players to switch back to the original viewer if they need to, but I'd rather solve the issue first.   If I get no traction in a day or so I'll allow people to "fall back" to the older version.

Thanks, and sorry for the blips.


Friday, September 05, 2014 at 6:38:30 PM

Viewer Patch Up!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey Guys!

The viewer has patched and should now be much more (hopefully always) correctly now.   Sorry it took longer than anticipated - the guys who wrote it did an great job fixing it, but had a few things that needed patching still. I was able to patch them for the most part, though there are a couple of little squirrelly things still (the winners scroll up from the bottom sometimes.. i changed the rails a bit and the new ones are a little washed out).

Though far from a pro, I have a decent foothold now on Unity now and plan on doing some new things (most notable : NEW CAMERA ANGLES) that should improve things notably. I'll start working on that list very soon.

BTW - You'll know if you have the new version if the rails show up white. If they don't then you have the old viewer. If you don't, navigate completely away from the game in all tabs, empty your cache, close your browser, and reopen it.

Thanks for your patience!


Monday, August 18, 2014 at 9:17:58 AM

Viewer update and Viewer Silk Notes
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

The updated viewer that renders more (hopefully always) accurate results will be up soon. There was a slight problem with the graphics that shouldn't take long for the developer to fix. I'll post an update when it's up.

Also - If your silks look wrong in the new viewer (particularly if they look swirled) :

Odds are, they were not created using the proper template. There are 3 uploads on your account page : My Icon, My Silks, and Viewer Silks. My Icon and My Silks are simply pictures that show up on your user page - they are simply "for show" and no formatting necessary. Viewer Silks are the ones used by the viewer and must be formatted properly (the format includes the jockey's silk, face, pants, hat, gloves, etc).    I investigated several players having problems and the ones I looked at all had a non-formatted image (and a lot had the same file uploaded for My Silks and Viewer Silks - these files are not intended to be the same).

To rectify :

* Delete the file under Viewer Silks
* An image will appear with the proper formatting - your file needs to conform to this style.
* After creating a conforming image, upload it to Viewer Silks

I hope this helps clear up the problem.


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